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If you read my blog with any regularity you know one of my favorite things to do is recognize the quality people in our industry. So when a company makes a move to promote super people like what happened this week, it’s even better to talk about. YKK announced promotions to Oliver Stepe and Mike Turner and I am thrilled for them. Both are excellent guys, talented to the core, and have a commitment to the industry. That last part means a lot to me personally. This industry is made better thanks to efforts of people like Oliver and Mike and they represent us very well. Congrats guys, the recognition is truly much deserved!


  • I am thrilled that I will be attending glasstec in Germany this fall.  Especially now that I have done the show once, I feel like I have a better appreciation for the enormity of it.  To make it even better, glasstec announced its focus this week, “Glass Industry 4.0,” with a heavy emphasis on technology. I simply can’t wait to see what that is all about, learn, and grow. The 3+ weeks that feature glasstec and GlassBuild America surely will be exhilarating and exhausting, but oh, so good! 
  • The architectural community is in mourning after the loss of Zaha Hadid. She was an absolute legend in that world and her passing have hit many hard. Her designs will surely be her legacy. There was an excellent remembrance in the New York Times by one of her employees Tegan Bukowski, capturing the qualities that made Ms. Hadid the incredible architect she was. 
  • Looking at the initial designs of the redevelopment of the Inglewood, California site where the St. Louis Rams are re-locating looks very ambitious. If this concept can become reality it surely will be a place to see. I am guessing that a lot will change before ground gets moved, but if it comes off the way this article shows, sign me up for a visit! 
  • Twitter reminder: if you are a on the service and not following John Wheaton (@JohnLWheaton1) you need to do so. He always provides interesting insight and on occasion good project questions and quizzes including one this past week. The last one he did I had no clue on, so it was fun to sit back and watch him converse with another excellent Twitter follow (Garett Henson @Viracon_Garret) on the details. In the end I learned, which is a benefit of good follows on social media.
  • Do you ever wonder what will happen to your online profile when you pass away? Right now, it looks like nothing. Long, but semi-interesting article here on the situation, specifically on Facebook. Personally I see it on LinkedIn and Twitter a lot and no doubt it throws you when someone who has passed comes up in your feed or as a recommended follow. 
  • Programming note: no blog post next week. I will be back in this space the week of April 18th unless news breaks ahead that. 

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