From the Fabricator: Q4 Is Here

The last quarter of the year is now upon us as time simply keeps on flying. For some it’s been a tremendous year to date and the obvious desire stands to finish it out strong. For some the fourth quarter is a chance to make up on some lost ground and make 2016 better than what it was looking like a few months ago. The good news for both parties is current confidence in our markets remains high. The only potential bad news is in some areas the release of work from backlog to actual order continues to be delayed resulting in some uneven expectations. In the end, this quarter will end an era: the last of the current administration in power in the United States. Q1 of 2017 will start a new time and we’ll see how that goes.


  • But in thinking about next year, the news from an economic forecasting standpoint is positive. Though this week we did get mixed results, the overall looks promising. You just always have to take some of these indexes with a grain of salt because so much can change, quickly. The positive is absolutely the nonresidential building starts. The August results were the second highest month since early 2008. Starts at that level right now surely will be a good thing for our industry and when we get to work in 2017.
  • On the flip side, the Architectural Billings Index did trend down last month, only the second time in 2016. None of the analysts seem worried about the negative result, and I am not either at this point as all of the metrics are still healthy. But we’ll continue to watch to see if there are any cracks in the foundation.
  • One of the biggest parts of GlassBuild America this year is the re-launch of the The need for education and training in our industry is massive and this program is going to be an incredible resource for that. The new MyGlassClass features an updated roster of comprehensive, interactive online courses specifically designed to meet the training needs of contract glaziers, full-service glass companies and glass fabricators. Believe me, you will love it. When you are at the show, there will be ample opportunity for you to check it out for yourself. Please make some time to do so. GlassBuild America is October 19-21 in Las Vegas. The buzz ahead of this event is off the charts.
  • MUST READ article of the week. Folks this one is amazing and will get your blood boiling a little bit for sure, especially when it comes to the tremendous waste of money that goes into running a political campaign. It is an inside look at the political consultant and basically the huge amounts of cash squandered with no ROI measurements or angle of actual proof of performance ever in sight. Seriously one of the best pieces I have read this year. 
  • Last this week, and with so many of us headed to Vegas in a few weeks, I present to you the release of the Nevada casino August winnings. Take a look at the last one. For the casinos those pennies are obviously adding up!

Blackjack $81.19 million
Craps $26.47 million
Roulette $25.42 million   
Baccarat $73.65 million   
Sports $1.93 million
Penny slots $257.04 million

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