From the fabricator: Rough reports

Ok, so two pieces of bad news last week: first, the Architectural Billings Index took a nasty tumble. Then, Canada's nonresidential building statistics came out lower than they have been. So, it wasn't exactly an uplifting few days.

The ABI continues to be a hard one to swallow, especially since our industry wouldn't see any effects from these lower totals until mid-2012. It will bear watching, because if 2012 is solid or at least like 2011 has been for some patches of our industry, it will blow the whole theory/report out of the water.

As for the Canadian report, all I could think of after reading it was the reaction of people in Toronto when I complimented them for being busy. They were seriously afraid that I'd jinx it, and gosh, I wonder if I did.


  • Our industry has great new app joining the excellent Glass Magazine app that I mentioned last week. Guardian released its SunGuard mobile app, and I loaded it up and was very impressed. It's very sharp, clean and easy to use. Major props to Chris Dolan and his team on a job well done. If you want to download it from the iTunes App Store or Google's Android market , enter "SunGuard" in the search field instead of Guardian; it will be easier to find.
  • I hated missing the GANA Fall Conference last week. I heard many good things, and the worst part for me was missing a chance to hear the always intelligent and interesting Stanley Yee of The Façade Group. Stanley is as engaging as they come and a good guy, for sure. Evidently, his presentation on air leakage was a showstopper, and I hated missing that and the rest of the event.
  • I had my 900th airport delay of the summer this past week but in a new airport for me: Cincinnati. I must say, it's a very nice airport. I've been stuck in much worse places.
  • Last week, I linked to an article in Forbes about a possible water shortage, and soon after my blog was published, I got an e-mail from John Fallon of Water Treatment Technologies. John's company does yeoman's work in trying to get people to use and re-use water smartly, and I am big fan of him and his company. Anyway, John pointed out that the Forbes piece is accurate (shocking to me in reality) and he went on to note the insane wastes of water from our industry. It is truly food for thought. If you are not recycling your water in your facility, you need to. It's a no brainer and the right thing to do. Thanks again to John for getting my mind back on it.
  • I am biased on this one because I like the product line and people involved, but there's a great article here on how General Glass International (GGI) produced the glass for the Harlem Hospital (installation by W&W Glass and insulating by JE Berkowitz: what a high-powered group). Very intense stuff. Also interesting is that the job is actually not complete yet even though it seems like the glass has been up for years.
  • Congrats to PPG on their awesome third quarter. As I have noted here before, they have some awesome people who make a difference out there. I'm happy for all of those who worked so hard to achieve it.
  • Last this week: in my new life, I have been running into other quality folks who call consulting their career. Some great ones like Greg Carney and Arlene Stewart I knew, but I did not know Rick De La Guardia. Well, now I do. The guy is a tremendous asset from the engineering side, and it's pretty awesome to be in the same realm. You learn very neat things when you find yourself in a new world, that is for sure. 

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