From the fabricator: Sad day for the industry

I just heard the very sad news of the passing of Tommy Huskey, CEO of Gardner Glass. Tommy was a tremendous man and will be truly missed by many. This is a very sad day for our industry. Condolences go to Tommy's family and his family at Gardner during this very difficult time.

This will be a shorter than normal post since we are coming off an abbreviated week (for at least the American readership). I hope everyone who celebrated had a great holiday! For my readers who only pick this blog up via e-glass weekly, please click HERE to catch up on last week's post. It's full of good stuff, including a fabricator on the move making a great hire, a new Twitter feed to follow and the most recent Architectural Billings Index.

As for this week...

  • It was not a great holiday for my brother Steve, as he spent the entire holiday in the hospital after complications from a recent surgery. He is still in the hospital and looks to be there for a while longer as he recovers. To make matters worse, there's no cable TV in his hospital room. For me, that would be worse than being laid up in the first place! Anyway, sending positive thoughts to him to get well soon and get back to doing all the good that he does.
  • PPG released its new Glass Configurator Widget. It's a very cool little program that can run on any style of computer or smart phone. While geared for architects, it does have value for the rest of us who just like to know what is available out there. Nice work.
  • Not glass-related but interesting nonetheless: the hottest trend in school building is the removal of lockers from the design. Schools are deciding that lockers do more harm than good, and designers are being told to leave them out. Pretty wild change... Can you imagine going to school without having a locker?
  • Last this week: The Fiscal Times listed the "Top 10 Places to Find a Job" and quite frankly this list was very surprising. Here goes:

1. Ft. Wayne, IN

2. Worcester, MA

3. San Jose, CA

4. Tulsa, OK

5. Houston, TX

6. Tucson, AZ

7. Dallas, TX

8. Akron, OH

9. Phoenix, AZ

10. Boise, ID

To me, the surprises were Akron, San Jose and the two Arizona locations. I was not surprised by Texas, Oklahoma or Idaho.

Read on for links and video of the week...

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