From the fabricator: Solar is here to stay

Last week, I had an item about solar and the fact that Guardian and PPG had success with their various approaches. Then this weekend, the President announced $2 billion of funding for a couple of solar operations. While it still is a far way off, I really believe solar will be a big part of the advancement of our industry. And while I agree with a lot of the arguments of the costs versus efficiency crowd, I just believe the need for this country to really get serious about renewable energy is going to win out. The delay of the overall success will obviously be tied to the ability for the economy to start rebounding, and sadly that looks like it won’t happen until sometime next year. But still, it's coming and news like the stuff from last week along with the GANA symposium and the continuation of a solar dialogue at GlassBuild America and the Glass Executive Forum will only help keep the progression moving.


Max Perilstein is vice president of marketing for Arch Aluminum & Glass Co., Tamarac, Fla.


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