From the Fabricator: TGA Recap, Glass Magazine Review and More

I’m just back from the Texas Glass Association conference I mentioned last week, and it was truly a memorable one for me. I really enjoyed the opportunity, and I think for a first-time event it was an absolute hit. I was so excited to run into people I had not seen in years. Kelly Townsend of Trulite is an old friend and seeing him looking healthy and strong was a day maker for me. Visiting with former co-worker Jack Wickstrom, now of Tristar, was fun as well. Meeting new people also charged me up. One example was Craig Garner of Hartung: good and interesting guy. Another was Dustin Anderson of Anderson Glass. This guy is unreal, a breath of fresh air to our industry and the way we do things. I plan on doing more with Dustin as time goes on. Plus, he’s got a pretty cool video series that can only help raise our profile (see my Video of the Week for one of them).

The key of the conference was learning. Greg Oehlers of Tristar did not disappoint, with a truly entertaining and informative session that included his prediction that 4th surface low-Es and Argon will be growing and be more crucial products on the commercial side in the coming years. That was surely something that caught my attention. Also, his talk on inconsistent code officials is something I may have to revisit in the future. Meanwhile, seeing younger sharp presenters like Yuwadee Senamontree of Guardian and David Linhart of Vitro gave me some serious hope about the future of our industry. We need that youth, intelligence and energy! And it goes without saying the presentation that Nicole Harris provided on “Building a New Glass Industry” was strong and important. There is so much happening from the industry level and getting more insight and communication amongst all parties is something that will have to continue to grow for us to be our best. Bottom line is: conferences like these are extremely helpful in educating and building a better world for us. It was an honor to be involved in the process.


  • Every month I review Glass Magazine and I note various stories and details that I believe stand out. The May issue, like its predecessors, is loaded, but features one article that you have to read if you are in the position of trying to recruit for your workforce. Bethany Stough did a fabulous job pulling together real-life examples and giving very crucial tips in trying to help you build your workforce in the article Creative Recruitment. It is the most serious challenge our industry faces: getting people to work with us. This article really is a resource that every executive and HR person needs to see. 
  • The May issue also featured an excellent cover story on collaboration and all that goes into it, as well as very good quick pieces on codes, tough customers, sales techniques and more. I am constantly amazed at what Katy Devlin and her team do every month, and they keep topping my expectations! The work they do brings great value to the reader and the industry and deserves all the attention we can give it.
  • In the same issue, for my “ad of the month,” tt’s Viracon with the “Bigger View” piece. The graphic they placed caught my eye: good use of wording and font size. And it was also the minimal amount of text that allowed the reader to enjoy the ad and take in the message. I have no clue who to specifically give kudos to at Viracon, so hopefully one of the folks there will pass on the credit. Nice work! 
  • Last this week, I mentioned two weeks ago about new greenfields coming to our industry and one of the many I am following was announced. Aldora is opening in Atlanta. Given the major consolidation that market has seen over the years, the move looks to be a good one and moving into a building that once housed a very respected fabricator is surely not a bad play.

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Thanks Max! We will share the article with our TGA/HAGA Members. We enjoyed your presentation and it was a pleasure to visit with you. Dorothy Gurka Houston Area Glass Association