From the fabricator: Trade show momentum

The week ahead features the largest glass show in the world with the opening of glasstec in Germany. glasstec takes place every other year, and it will be interesting to see if it continues the very positive trade-show trend that has been in play throughout 2012.  What we have seen in last several months is that the hunger for information and networking that the trade-show scene brings is strong, so it leads me to believe we have some encouraging steps taking place in our world. 
  • After several weeks of very newsworthy items, this was a slow one. So, this post will be shorter than normal. 
  • Question for the readers: A glazing contractor I know has a ton of really old, hard-to-find, and interesting glass on their floor.  Everything from old obscures and decorative to products like “Greylite 56” and “Houze Lo-Tran." Is there anyone out there for this group to connect with to see if this glass could find a good home?  It’s all in very good shape.  Thank you in advance for any insight.
  • Some pretty big moves in our world this past week with PPG buying Spraylat and Grey Mountain’s Consolidated Glass Holdings picking up the assets of North American Specialty Glass.  Overall, it's still a very active world for deals, and my guess is you might see a bunch in the first quarter of 2013 because there are lots of buyers and many sellers tired of fighting the battles.
  • Last this week, Wednesday starts the World Series. I can’t wait for the games to come to Detroit and see the players bundled up to play in 30-degree weather.  Really time to either start the season earlier or cut it down to 154 games.

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