From the Fabricator: Virtual Reality is Here

A little different lead this time out: at the NAHB International Builders’ Show this past week, one of the bigger plays was showing virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) in action. I have been following this space for our world for a while, and I am huge fan of the potential. The issue is the costs are so far in the stratosphere that putting this into play is just not realistic at this point. But someday it’s going to be realistic, and when that happens, it will be a game changer. The technology is incredible, and it will allow the potential customer to see the end product in place and in action, and that excites me.

I thought about this also during a recent trip to Florida. I did the “Void” at Disney Springs, and it is a truly immersive VR experience. In this case I was in the middle of a Star Wars battle, and I will tell you…It. Was. Real. The detail was incredible. Between that and seeing some of the tests with building products, I just can’t wait. (Note: there is a Void in Las Vegas, so I may have to sneak to that before or after the Building Envelope Contractors Conference.)

If you’ve experienced the Void or have thoughts on VR or AR in our world, please drop me a line. 


  • Last week I covered the beauty of the new Glass Magazine. This week, it’s time to look at the brains of it and also give out my “ad of the month.” The articles this month feature detailed and intense reporting. The World of Glass and Industry Forecast pieces were loaded with insight, and I loved the Trendhunter piece by Ron Crowl of Fenetech. I could see that series becoming a favorite of mine. All in all, a loaded issue content-wise!

    As for the ad of the month, I mentioned last week that the ads just “popped” more. This month it was tough to pick just one winner, so I have a few. I really liked Swisspacer’s piece showing cold and warm—really excellent use of an image and story. I have no idea who deserves the credit from Swisspacer, so please if you are reading this and you know the person, pass along my kudos! I liked HHH Tempering’s new ad. It used color and image perfectly and jumped off the page. Props to Melissa Blank and Mike Synon! FuseRocket from Diamon-Fusion International was a fabulous ad. Stopped me in my tracks. Syndi Sim, well done! Last but not least, the creative Q&A by Consolidated Glass Holdings caught me perfectly. Great work by Angela Beach from CGH, who nailed it on a cool two-page spread. Overall, this may have been the best magazine for ads I have ever seen. May it continue!

  • The latest Architectural Billings Index came out and reported a huge positive jump last month. A massive score of 55.3 was posted and folks. I will tell you, I am stunned. That is an amazing and unexpected report. Obviously, I’m thrilled with it. It’s the highest total in quite a while, but I surely did not expect it. Let’s keep rolling.

  • Fellow road warriors: how about these new airplane seats? I am always seeing these articles and wondering which major airline will jump in and take a chance with something radically different.

  • A list of the richest cities in the U.S. came out this week, and you know me, I love lists like this. The rankings are pretty static from last year, but a few things jumped out. Rumson, New Jersey, jumped 19 spots this year to being the 19th richest city in the U.S. Which one of you glass superstars moved in there (I have never heard of that area)? I was surprised to see my former home of Ohio have a few spots in the top 50, including Village of Indian Hill at No. 11. I was also surprised that Malibu, California, was at 43rd. I thought it would be higher, just my perception always made me assume that. Anyway, the entire top 50 is here

  • Last this week, a hearty congratulations to John Wheaton. Twenty-five years ago this past week, John started his incredible firm Wheaton Sprague. John is a wonderful, smart and positive voice in our industry and I am happy to see him celebrate the silver anniversary. Well done John, and here’s to many, many more successful years ahead!

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