From the fabricator: A warning realized

Lost in the excitement and action of Hurricane Irene was the earthquake that struck earlier that week. Thankfully, there were no reported deaths or major injuries, and for the most part, everything and everyone survived. However, one thing that came out of it was said perfectly by Arlene Stewart, the legendary energy consultant, in a tweet. Here goes:

"@ArleneOnEnergy 10 yrs ago, I watched SE code bodies look at Nanette Lockwood like she was nuts for advocating for seismic provisions. Vindicated much?"

And there ya go. For years, people have been warning of issues to come, and even though we skated on this one, the seismic provisions still should be addressed and put into play. As for Nanette Lockwood of Solutia, it's been many years since I had the honor of working with her, but she happens to be an absolute authority on so many of these issues. If she told me to prepare for another quake tomorrow, I'd drop everything and go. So, this whole scenario bears watching, and we'll have to see how it affects us in the glazing world, because it will. And oh, if you are not following Arlene on Twitter, you need to.


  • One tough result from the hurricane was the damage in Vermont. The iconic covered bridges that stood for so long were completely wiped out. Towns flooded. Just awful...
  • The Steve Jobs resignation was also a tough one to take. While many expected this day to eventually come given his health battles, the finality of it all is still stunning. Apple is more than Steve Jobs, and I am sure their products (and love of everything glass) will continue on, but it won't be the same. By the way, here is a quick and simple article outlining three main takeaways from how Steve Jobs did business.
  • We are coming up on another anniversary for this blog. I started in October of 2005, and almost 400 postings later, I am still here, still plugging along. Thanks to everyone who reads this and supports it. And just a note: I do actually post this on Sundays at my original site. Ironically, it gets tons of hits from the state of Virginia that day. I guess I am popular there! Anyway, it continues to be a thrill that many of my stories/opinions/comments get picked up by competitors to run the day before my posts appear Tuesdays in the always-excellent e-glass weekly. I appreciate everyone for following along.
  • Missed noting my brother's birthday last week... and for his big day, the best gift he got was a year-long membership in the Dairy Queen Blizzard Club. Who would have thought that the first Perilstein to have a membership in such an epic club would be the skinny one... Happy Birthday bro...
  • Football predictions: As many may know, I have not been into football this year, but I still have to make my traditional (and usually wrong) call on who wins it all. So, fans of 30 teams will be happy and fans of the two I pick, not so much. Here it goes: Your Super Bowl will be the New England Patriots vs. the Chicago Bears. For some reason, I think Jay Cutler will have a huge year this year, and Brady and the Pats look unstoppable. Of course, and as always, I hope I am wrong.
  • Last this week, here we are on the cusp of the show of the year: GlassBuild America kicks off Monday the 12th. The show floor is sold out, and attendance is gaining some nice momentum. I am really looking forward to seeing so many of the folks I can usually only hook up with at GBA. I will also, per tradition, be posting nightly with all of the flavor, pomp and color of the show. If you are coming to the event, look for me running around or at my booth #1104. See you there! 

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