From the Fabricator: We All Own "Glass"

A few weeks ago, the story broke about Google requesting to own the word “glass.” A few people, including the brilliant Oliver Stepe of YKK AP America, took up the cause in different forums to make it clear that Google should not be able to patent that word; that it is as much a part of the public domain as you can get. Heck, my great grandfather came to the United States in 1898 with $34 and a glasscutter and was in the “glass” business then—long before a “google” was created. I cannot even see the U.S. Patent Office being so shortsighted to allow this; but, in our world, crazier things have happened. So far the attempts have been denied, but Google continues to appeal. So we may as well get involved while we can. Oliver created a petition that you can sign. And if you're interested, you can access the maze of documents from the U.S. Patent office as well.

The arrogance of Google is simply mind blowing. I think it's time we all find a different search engine to use (though I know that’s impossible). In any case, this is a story to watch.


  • Speaking of Google, I had tried a few weeks ago to get into the whole Google+ thing. I still get emails from people who rave about it. And again, it does nothing for me. Nothing at all. I seriously think the only people who use it are employees of Google and their family members.
  • The fine folks from Garibaldi Glass are having their 4th Annual Open House this coming Friday. This should be an amazing time and one I am bummed to miss. These guys bring in suppliers and industry trades to educate their customers as well as architects and designers. Basically it’s a trade show/seminar/open house all in one.  It’s a tremendous idea being pulled off by a company that supports this industry strongly. Good luck guys; sorry I won’t be there. Though, me not being there will probably help attendance! 
  • Last week I had the chance to watch American Hustle and was seriously disappointed. Maybe I was in an off mood, but I thought the movie was horrendous and surely not worth all of the hype.
  • As I do each month, I always look through the latest issue of Glass Magazine and after reading the tremendous content, I look at the ads to see which ones stand out. Props to the team at Matodi USA for an ad that just popped off the page. Love the simplicity of it and the right use of color. Nice work gang.
  • I received remarkable feedback from my interview with Anthony Branscum of Innovative Glass. There’s a lot of interest in the interior switchable space these days that is for sure. The interesting part for me is that many people don't know where to source the material and the concern over finding a credible supplier. I guess I take it for granted since I know the legitimate players out there; but evidently it's not that clear to the marketplace. 
  • Not sure if Diana Bernal of Key Glass will become a regular on the Glass Magazine Glassblog circuit, but I sure hope so. Her maiden effort was terrific. I love the passion and approach. Hopefully there will be more blogs from her in the future!
  • Last this week, for my running friends, a new song for your motivational pleasure. It’s called 300 Violin Orchestra by Jorge Quintero and it’s simply awesome. If that song can’t get you pumped to keep running, nothing will. 

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