From the fabricator: Weather taking its toll

Mother Nature showed her strength last week with the brutal storms in the Southeast and the combo storms in the Northeast. Add to that the rain out West, and we have had some awful weather recipes lately. It's pretty wild that so many things have an effect on our world, including the weather. Every day, it seems like there's something new and different that hits all of us more than other trades. Anyway, I wonder if any of the analysts who develop future economic forecasts take weather into account. After all, a rough run of terrible conditions can surely be a negative driver. Hopefully Mother Nature has it out of her system!


  • This week, the FTC stepped up and ended the "Tested Green" certifications after finding the products were not tested or even "green". The release from the FTC is pretty interesting actually, and it's good that it happened. The whole greenwash gig is not good for any upstanding group, so having actions like this are a step in the right direction.
  • Didn't get a ton of time at the Builders' Show this past week... still some thoughts: The show was smaller than traditionally. One vendor used the word "slim," which kinda sounded right. Not sure how the bad weather up North affected it, but it probably did somewhat. Actually though, I think this show has been "right sized".... It was way too big and way too crazy, and now it's the way it should be. The happy days of midget Elvis performers in booths are long gone, that's for sure. The overall attitude was also leaning toward the negative, which surprised me since so many studies are showing positives for 2011. I guess we'll see.
  • Speaking of reports, there were a few more good ones about 2014 and so on with loose ties to our world. Not sure what the metrics are, but these reports sure are keeping people pumped up.
  • I saw that Senator Al Franken visited the gang at Viracon... I swear Viracon is becoming like the Iowa of the glass world. You know how when someone wants to run for President they have to go hang out in Iowa? Well, I think if a political figure wants to hang around glass, they go to Viracon. Congrats to those guys for attracting these folks and getting in their ears about the issues that are really affecting our industry.
  • Congrats to my friends from Walker Glass on their remodeled headquarters. All I can say is if that place looks as good as all of those guys dress... it is probably a showstopper!
  • Glass Magazine had a piece on glass developed that's stronger than steel... It sounds pretty great, but supposedly it's really expensive...
  • Last, yep I can't pick games. People who have been reading this blog since 2005 know that... and Oregon added to that pain. Anyway, my mom says to me tonight, "So who do you like in next week's game, the Steelers or the Jets?" and before I could answer she jumped in and said "PLEASE DON'T PICK THE STEELERS! You're always wrong!" Yep, my picks have hit home now, when my own Mom is aware her son is pure "Mush" when it comes to the picks. That said, I do actually think the Jets will beat the Steelers. If the Steelers played the Pats, it would be different, but I think Rex Ryan and the Jets are a team of destiny, and in the Super Bowl, they'll play the other team of destiny: the Bears. (The Bears have been getting breaks since week 1; it's their year).

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Have always enjoyed your comments but really...Jets and Bears! Try Steelers and Packers. That's where your $ should be.

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