A good return on investment

As most of you know, GlassBuild America is right around the corner. This is the glass industry's one event that brings everyone involved with glass — glaziers, fabricators, manufacturers, dealers, etc. — together in one location. If you've never been, then this is the year to come. Let me share a few reasons why.

First, the cost is more practical than ever. Have you seen the price of flights to Atlanta? Not to sound like a used car salesman, but they're insanely low. A couple of the big travel sites (Yapta, Kayak, etc.) let you track the historical price of flights, and when you run them for Atlanta, they're as low as they've ever been. They've gone down even more in just the last couple days. So, the travel cost can't be an excuse. Go ahead, book a flight.

Second, is the industry-leading educational content. Sure, there are other seminars and conferences throughout the year. I'm sure all of them are worth your time. But the Glazing Executives Forum has become an event you simply must attend if you're serious about being successful in your business. You'll learn more about the latest trends and products in the industry, along with economic and financial information to put it all in perspective. Plus, you'll be in a room of your peers all focused on finding solutions to common challenges in the industry. We're also pleased to add a new forum this year directed at the architect community.

In addition to the forums, we have seminars on two of the biggest trends in glass: decorative glass and building integrated photovoltaics. The decorative glass session will be moderated by Kris Vockler of ICD Performance Coatings and her ace team of panelists. The BIPV seminar will be led by Richard Voreis of Consulting Collaborative. Both moderators have recruited a top-notch team of experts to share their insights on these two vital areas of growth.

Third, the show itself. Have you seen the list of exhibitors? There are some major names on that list. And there's only one show that they all attend. Simply stated, if you want to go to one place where you can see the latest in all things glass, this is it.

So, it's not that expensive to go, you'll learn a lot and you're highly likely to bring a good idea back to the office. That sounds like a good return on investment to me. 

Matt Rumbaugh is senior manager, education and training, for the National Glass Association. Write him at mrumbaugh@glass.org.


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