It's a fussy business

By Jenni Chase, Editor, AutoGlass

In a recent interview with John Dwyer, president of New York’s Syracuse Glass Co., I asked him to identify his biggest challenge as a glass company owner. His answer was one I think many industry executives can identify with: “Maintaining a positive culture and accommodating lots of change day in and day out in an environment of rising customer expectations and costs. This is a fussy business. If we’re not attentive to the details and working as a team, we can get in trouble quickly.”

I have never owned a business, but from a consumer perspective, I agree that attention to detail is crucial to any company’s success. Americans keep their wallets closer to the vest these days, making any expenditure subject to scrutiny. When we do spend money, we want more than just a great product or service. We want an exceptional purchasing experience, and oftentimes, that’s all in the details.

A complimentary mug of good coffee, a follow-up courtesy call and a spotless post-installation vehicle or room can go a long way in the retail world. On the commercial side, a quick, efficient and convenient product delivery can make or break a sale.

At fabricator Syracuse Glass, repeat business is critical to success, says Dwyer. “We put a lot of work into making sure our employees and customers have a good, enjoyable, even fun, experience with the company.”

Fun? Now there’s a concept. If you can make a windshield or shower door installation fun, I have one word for you: SOLD.

To read John Dwyer’s interview in its entirety, check out “Looking Glass” in the May 2008 issue of Glass Magazine.


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