Marketing Magic at GlassBuild 2016

The saying goes, "there is no silver bullet in marketing." As few marketing efforts yield measurable returns, I believe this is true. Even so, every marketing effort FeneTech executes has expectations associated with it. 

Tradeshows are a large part of FeneTech's marketing efforts, and consume much of our marketing budget. Therefore, during each show where we exhibit, we have high expectations for the return on our investment. 

Over the past 20 years FeneTech has exhibited at many tradeshows around the world and always with lofty expectations. We expect to see old friends, make new friends and make sales.

Some shows have fallen way short of our expectations, some have met expectations, and a select few have exceeded our expectations. 

You can put the recent GlassBuild 2016 into the exceeded column. I found this particular show to be larger in attendance, exhibitors and booth traffic than in the near ten years since the recession. Not only was attendance robust, those in attendance walked the floor and opened up their checkbooks. I saw old friends, met new ones and best of all, we made sales. 

While I’m still a believer that there is no silver bullet in marketing, I must admit that GlassBuild 2016 came pretty close.

Ron Crowl is president of FeneTech Inc. Contact him at

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