The Professional Services Perspective: The Industry Vibe

It’s positive, upbeat and increasingly collaborative.

It’s apparent at events like Façades+, Façade Tectonics, the NGA BEC conference, the Mid-Atlantic Glass Expo, and other glass and metal symposiums.

It’s talkative, networked and invitational, being reshaped and refined through collaboration, communication, industry groups, peer networks, research and evaluation.

It’s a supportive set of people, groups and companies working together to shape the built world.

It’s innovative, smart and providing value and solutions to buildings that house occupants for many years.

It’s improving its supply chain, manufacturing capabilities and quality.

It’s surrounding billions—no trillions—of dollars in employee, information and equipment assets.

It encloses and protects the likes of Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Google and other tech giants lauded as being in the forefront of the changing world.

It brings architects’ visions to life with tangible solutions to sometimes complicated geometries and designs. It gives a building its form and recognition.

It’s made up of an increasing number of types, textures, surfaces, sizes, colors, patterns, attachments and integrations, all engineered to maintain the exterior of the building for a generation or more.

It’s improving in performance and the ability to withstand increasingly robust designs and requirements.

It protects people below and within and provides aesthetic beauty to urban landscapes.

It’s manifested in industry group mergers.

Can you feel it? Feel the positive vibe, the energy? Are you part of it? Can you feel the energy amongst industry peers? Do you see the conversations in social media, in the hallways, in the educational venues, publications, project meetings, design review sessions, and conferences? What is it?

It’s the continued shaping, reshaping, formation, alignment, collaboration and connection of the glass, glazing and façade industry. It’s a spectacular group of smart, caring people and companies, bringing the passion and the intellectual capital every day to create value.

It “feels” really good, and it’s great to be a part of.

After all these years, there are still no two buildings alike; no two projects the same. There’s some new application or wrinkle on every job. And it’s interesting. It’s creative. It’s meaningful work.

Keep connecting, keep shaping and keep bringing value to the table. The best is yet to come.

John Wheaton is the founder & co-owner of Wheaton & Sprague Engineering, Inc., also known as Wheaton Sprague Building Envelope. The firm provides full service design, engineering and consulting services for the curtain wall/building envelope/building enclosure industry, and works at “Creating Structure” for clients. He can be reached at and on Twitter, @JohnLWheaton1.

The opinions expressed here are those of the individual author and do not necessarily reflect those of the National Glass Association, Glass Magazine editors, or other glassblog contributors.


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