Raise a Glass to Innovation

David VermeulenAt GlassBuild America, I had the honor of accepting a Glass Magazine Award on behalf of TGP. Our Fireframes TimberLine Series was named The Most Impressive Industry Innovation in the Metals and Systems category. My practicing in the mirror finally paid off. I was able to thank the Academy, my fellow glass pros, and my mom, wife, and kids without the orchestra cutting me off.    

All joking aside, it was a privilege to get a front row seat to some of the industry’s latest and greatest products and projects. Busy days and demanding workloads can cloud out what the glass industry is doing, and doing well: innovating, creating and turning architect demands into reality.

Just look at the T-Mobile showcase store, featuring the work of Giroux Glass and Goldray Glass. Flashy, pink commercials and glowing signage are a hallmark of the T-Mobile brand. Fabricating a magenta pink glass solution to help create a standout store that matches the company’s branding is a great showing of just how far our industry will go to meet market demands. 

Another good example is the Pierce Boston luxury tower. The design team had a vision to create a dining room floor that looks like it has water flowing under its surface, and the folks at Oasis Specialty Glass and Lucid Glass rose to the challenge, and a new product solution was born. I know how this feels. A few years back, TGP developed a fire-rated glass floor system to meet a specific design need for a private research institution. It’s pretty cool to think about the industry transformations we can participate in as a result of saying, “yes, we can do that.”

And, let’s not forget about the new Louis Vuitton flagship store in Beijing, China, with its custom glass façade by Nathan Allan Glass Studios. Many people see glass as glass. For those in the industry like Nathan Allan Glass, it’s more than glass. It’s art. This project required forming a deep pattern in 3D decorative glass, overcoming significant design challenges in the molding phase and applying millions of crystals by hand to certain sections of the glass so it would achieve the right glow when edge lit. Talk about dedication to the craft.

I don’t have the space to do justice to all the Glass Magazine Award winners, so let me close by saying, well done! Let’s keep pushing the glass industry forward.

David Vermeulen is the national sales manager for Technical Glass Products (TGP), a supplier of fire-rated glass and framing systems, and other specialty architectural glazing. TGP works closely with architects, designers and other building professionals, providing them with the state-of-the-art products, service and support to maximize design aesthetics and safety in commercial and institutional buildings around the world. Contact him at 800/426-0279.

The opinions expressed here are those of the individual author and do not necessarily reflect those of the National Glass Association, Glass Magazine editors, or other glassblog contributors. 


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