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One of the most frequent questions I hear is: How can I get in the magazine? It’s this question that prompted the Smart PR Express Learning session that I will be leading this week during GlassBuild America in Las Vegas. (Check out the schedule here, if you’re at the show and would like to attend).

Being featured in the magazines or online is not only exciting, it’s also smart business. Your customers are likely reading Glass Magazine; features in print prove the quality of your work and the legitimacy of your company; and magazine profiles help foster work pride among your employees. All of this affects your bottom line.

The first step to getting in the magazine is to familiarize yourself with the content. Find out what types of features are in the magazine, and think about where your company’s products and services might be a good fit. Glass Magazine offers numerous opportunities for project profiles, trend studies, technical articles, product announcements and personnel news.

Next, make sure you know who the editors are and that you have their contact information. (My email is at the bottom of this blog for anyone who doesn’t yet have it). We want to hear from you. We like to hear from you. Send us emails, schedule interviews or booth visits at trade shows, or organize facility tours. If something is going on that we should know about, from a new hire to a cool project, let us know. We can’t cover it in the magazine or online if we don’t know about it.

And make sure the editors know you. It helps to have a dedicated marketing point person for your company who will reach out to us with any news, and who will be our go-to person if we are seeking information. You don’t need to have a person whose sole job is marketing. For many companies, even some large glass firms, I work directly with the president and owner. For others, I work with outside PR firms. Both can work work very well. 

Finally, consider authoring an article. Glass Magazine and its online publications feature industry-submitted blogs, columns and technical articles. You have an industry expertise that we don’t, and we appreciate your contributions.

Katy Devlin, Editor, Glass Magazine
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