Showrooms as sales tools: A tour of the new LaCantina Doors

Last week, LaCantina Doors celebrated the grand opening of its sleek and open showroom, and expansive lean manufacturing plant. The company grew out of its previous 20,000-square-foot facility in Vista, Calif. Its new 67,000-square-foot location in Oceanside, Calif., features a stunning, modern showroom, spacious upstairs offices and a large warehouse space that the company is quickly filling with new machinery and equipment for its expanding product line.

The company, a manufacturer of large sliding and folding door systems, serves the residential market in addition to the commercial market, which "is growing every day," according to Lee Maughan, general manager. "This is an adaptable product, and it is what people want for applications such as retail and restaurants. The doors provide that desired openness."

The showroom echoes that openness, Maughan said. Additionally, "our main business is in southern California. The showroom is designed to give [visitors] a feel for the various products as they would appear in a real-life application," he said.

The showroom space is reminiscent of a renovated warehouse loft, with the black-painted duct work and air vents visible overhead, and sunlight peeking through wooden wall dividers that separate the various door products. "We plan on engaging with the architectural community, through the showroom," Maughan said. "We want to get people in the showroom to see the products and possibilities for themselves." The showroom even features a room-length wooden table, intended to be used as a sit-down meeting area for designers who visit.

The thoughtful design and arrangement of the showroom carries over into the manufacturing facility as well. The new facility is "great for lean manufacturing," Maughan described. The company, with 55 employees, manufactures door products in-house, including building the hardware and installing the glass products. "The products go out glazed and hardwared. The doors just have to be joined in the field," he said.

"We have a full-time maintenance employee for our CNC equipment, and an active [research and development] department," Maughan said. The company has engineered and built some of its own machines, and has invested in new machines, including an Emmegi cutting machine for its double door production.

During the grand opening event, LaCantina invited area architects, dealers, customers and other project partners to tour the new showroom and manufacturing facility.

View a photo tour of the LaCantina Doors showroom

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