VIDEO: A more serious approach to IG certification

In the last several years, insulating glass certification has transformed from a voluntary program to a near mandatory process, making industry awareness even more crucial.

"With the [National Fenestration Rating Council] mandate for IG certification—in order for IG to be used in NFRC cert product, that IG must be in a certification program—certification has taken on a much more mandatory requirement that has increased the intensity of the issues and questions [from manufacturers]," says John Kent, administrative manager of the Insulating Glass Certification Council. "For the most part, manufacturers are being driven to take a much more serious approach to IG certification."

During the Insulating Glass Manufacturers Alliance Annual General Meeting last week in Tempe, Ariz., I spoke briefly with Kent about what manufacturers need to know when it comes to IG certification. Kent discussed how product modifications are handled, in addition to what's being done to streamline the certification process. Watch the interview below.

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