You know you're a glass geek when...

You turn to your spouse while having a romantic dinner out and say, “You know what would make a good commercial for interior glass doors?”

And yes, this did actually happen. My husband and I were seated near a private dining area in a local restaurant that was sectioned off by sliding glass doors. A little boy who looked to be about six years old was effortlessly sliding the doors open and closed. I thought to myself, what a great way to show how aesthetically pleasing, functional and easy-to-use glass interior doors can be. Am I right?

You visit the art museum and are most excited about the exhibit on airport design and the use of glass curtain walls.

On a recent trip to Denver, my family and I decided to tour the Denver Art Museum, where they had a temporary exhibition taking visitors through six airports designed by Curtis Fentress. I was excited to see that a significant portion of the Sea-Tac (Seattle) International Airport and Denver International Airport exhibits were dedicated to the buildings’ curtain-wall designs. In addition to photographs and models, the exhibits included the hardware used to create the point-supported glass curtain wall in Seattle … displayed as a work of art!

You come up for air after lap 10 at your gym’s pool and take note of what company made the entrance doors to the hot tub area.

Granted, this could be attributable to not being in shape and using any excuse to stop swimming for a moment. But still, I took notice. U.S. Aluminum was the manufacturer.

You get stuck in traffic near the Colorado Convention Center and make your entire family (including the children under age 6) listen to the type of glass it features.

By the way, this happened on the way to the art museum, so it was a banner day for geeking out about glass. The Colorado Convention Center will host the AIA 2013 National Convention, a fact that I shared with my family, along with the details of two curtain-wall facades that use Viracon VE-2M insulating glass in their design.

I know I'm not alone here, or at least I hope I'm not. If you have a "glass geek" story to share, please do!

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On a recent visit back to my home town where I first started as a glazier, I was riding with my Son and his friend around the area, sort of a trip down memory lane. I was commenting on many of the houses and the interesting things I had seen in them over the years. Later my Son, laughing had to explain to his friend that I was not "Peeping Tom" just a glazing geek.

I took a vacation to Las Vegas with my wife. After about the third casino we visited, she saw my eyes starting to glaze over once again, pardon the pun, and said, " If you start telling me how complex that job would be and how much it would cost, I'm going to next place by myself!"

I can't even go to the grocery without studying the doors that need repaired. I hope I appear eccentric rather than wierd as I stare at the pivots as thouogh I've never seen a door before.

Also, been through Sea-Tac several times, very interesting to see. Do you suppose artists have trouble admiring art because there thinking of the brush strokes it took to make it?

Thanks for the stories and a good laugh, Roger!

I am in Past NGA Chairman Chris Mammen's suite at GBA. Large sliding doors separate us from the beautiful view of the valley and mountains surround Las Vegas. The topic of conversation was solely about the sliding doors, not the beautiful view.

I can't help but look at the tempering logo and spacer bar of every store, building or airport I go to or walk past. I have no choice but point out flaws such as rollerwave/distortion and checkboards caused by replacements or improper installation. Or see a new frit pattern or decorative glass feature and wonder how they did it.

Agreed about the sliding door ad. Easy to use but can't forget about safety either. Reminds me of the DuPont video 'Safety Glass Made Safer" from a few years ago that did a good job of this. In particular 1:32 and 1:55

You know you’re a glass geek when:
Every time you check into a hotel, you pull back the curtains to check out what king of windows they have.
Frank Fisher

When I joined a glass company 13 yrs ago (which I now own),I never expected I'd become such a glass geek. I too have to look at every door and behind every curtain. Earlier this year my husband and I stopped in Atlantic City on our way to our daughter's college graduation in Delaware. They just opened a beautiful ALL GLASS casino on the boardwalk called REVEL. I had to go explore the entire atrium. There were so many different installation types and glass types. It was fascinating, stunning and glass geek heaven. My father was an electrical contractor and I remember him looking at lighting everywhere he went.

While walking the dogs by the library during its renovation, I noticed they installed an unusual blue glass. My first thoughts: What's that coating? What's the visible light transmission?

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