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April 17, 2019

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Glass & Metals 401: Guide to Protective Glazing

  • Architect's Guide 
    An index of all articles published on Glass & Metals
  • Protective Glazing Product Showcase
  • All About Glass and Metal 
    The six-part series “All About Glass and Metal: A Guide to Glazing for Architects and Specifiers” provides an in-depth look at specification and design for glass and glazing. The series begins with “Glass and Metals 101: An Introductory Guide to Glazing for Architects and Specifiers” and continues through “Glass and Metals 601: The Architect’s Guide to Complex Façades.” Access the complete guide here.
  •  Protective Glazing Resources
    • Protective Glazing Manual  
  • Glass Informational Bulletins 
    • Security Glazing for Schools
    • Screening Out UV Radiation with Laminated Glass
    • Detention Facility Glazing
    • Coastal Glazing and the Turtle Codes
    • Blast Mitigating Glazing
    • Bird-Friendly Glass Design Strategies
    • Bullet Resistant Glazing
    • Detention Facility Glazing
    • Performance Criteria for Glazing Subjected to Seismic Events
  •  Reference papers 
    • The Use of Structural Silicone Sealant for Film Attachment by Bill O’Brien and Ken Yarosh, Dow Corning Corp.
    • Anti-Terrorism: Criteria, Tools & Technology, by Joseph L. Smith, Applied Research Associates Inc.
    • Safety/Security Window Film by the International Window Film Association (IWFA)
    • Security Glazing: Testing and Standards by Valerie Block, Kuraray and Ron McCann, Viracon
    • And more…
  • AIA Presentations 
    • Protective Glazing 101
    • Laminated Glass 101
    • Fire-Rated Glazing Today
    • NGA AIA Presentation on Protective Glazing

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