ABCO Automation Partners with Visual Components

Glass Magazine
December 4, 2017

ABCO Automation signed a value-added reseller agreement with Visual Components, a company specializing in 3-D manufacturing factory simulation software. With this partnership, ABCO adds Visual Components simulation software to its service offerings.

“As part of our concepting and designing process, we use Visual Components to provide clients a digital 3D model of their potential system,” says Jack Walsh, executive vice president, ABCO Automation. “Visual Components is key to helping our clients visualize the design and layout configuration as well as simulate the design’s functionality.”

The Visual Components software allows user to simulate the design of factory layouts; users get an approximate graphical view of a factory or production line, while the simulation function creates an accurate version of the factory or production line. With the visualization, users can test the simulation and find flaws before finalizing the design.