AEC Reacts to Aluminum Tariffs, Calls for End to Quotas

Glass Magazine
April 30, 2018

The Aluminum Extruders Council have called for the Trump administration to not impose quotas on imported primary aluminum products, supporting the position of the Aluminum Association. The trade group also asked the Administration to lift duties and sanctions from companies that supply aluminum to the United States, until the U.S. aluminum industry can ensure a stable domestic supply.

The announcement is in response to President Trump’s decision last month to impose tariffs of 10 percent on aluminum imports, and 25 percent on steel imports, with quotas imposed on countries exempted from the tariffs.

In a recent release, AEC representatives report the “unprecedented disruption to the primary aluminum supply chain” that occurred following the imposition of tariffs last month. The added sanctions against Russia have further disrupted supply, say AEC members, as Russia is the second-largest supplier of primary aluminum to the United States. “Without any advance notice, without any time to re-establish new suppliers, without any chance to properly react, extruders across the U.S. found they were running out of aluminum raw material, and no alternatives to obtain any,” say AEC officials.

The AEC is now reporting work stoppages for extruders across the U.S., during what is normally the busiest time of the year. AEC representatives warn that the work stoppages, and consequent lack of aluminum production, will mean that customers may look to import aluminum parts from China.