AGMT Certifies First Group of Professional Glaziers

Glass Magazine
August 5, 2019

The Architectural Glass and Metal Technician Certification Program certified its first group of professional glaziers. The 177 glaziers certified by the program range from all over North America.

“It says that the glazing technician and the contractor who employs the certified technician is committed to an elevated quality standard,” says Ben Beeler,  AGMT program manager. “When a workforce has been fully evaluated and certified to have the required skills and abilities to perform work properly, the first time, it will have a positive effect on the bottom line of all involved in the construction chain.”

AGMT is a personnel certification program that features an independent third-party assessment. The program earned ANSI accreditation earlier in the year. The program began officially testing candidates in February 2019 and continues to test new participants in new locations. The testing to become certified includes a knowledge-based and performance-based test. The purpose of each exam is to assess a glazier’s knowledge, hands-on skills and ability.

To earn certification, candidates must have 7,500 hours of glazing experience and demonstrate proficiency in all areas of the glazing test including store front, curtain wall, safety, sealing and general glazing body of knowledge.

In a feedback survey from candidates who completed testing, the AGMT program asked each participant if they would recommend the exam to a fellow glazier, receiving a 100 percent “yes” responses.

Although still in its first year of operation, development of the certification began nearly three years ago and has included many members of the glazing industry. The goal has been to create a testing standard that will improve the glazing industry in the long-run and establish a higher-quality caliber for construction.

To mark their designation, certified glaziers receive an official certificate, ID card and hardhat sticker. Additionally, each glazier is listed on the program site, under the certified personnel listing.