AGMT Completes Beta Test at FTI

Glass Magazine
January 9, 2019

Beta participants perform PBT tasks for the Architectural
Glass and Metal Technician Certification program at the
Finishing Trades Institute in Philadelphia.

Members of the Architectural Glass and Metal Technician Certification program traveled to Philadelphia to beta test the program's exam in a new region. The Finishing Trades Institute of Philadelphia hosted the knowledge and performance test portions.

The event is the second in a series of full beta tests the AGMT team has planned before the certification program goes live in 2019. Following beta-testing in other geographical locations, organizers looked to use the Philadelphia beta test to evaluate the program using a different environment and with additional experienced glazier participants.  

Eighteen glaziers, all currently working in the greater Philadelphia area, went through the test. The participants and their outcomes provided the AGMT team with data necessary to developing a scoring threshold. 

Joe McGee with the Finishing Trades Institute helped coordinate the beta test. “I believe strongly that certification is the best way to demonstrate competency in our trade and I am happy to see the development process culminating,” says McGee. “I look forward to the AGMT certification becoming an industry standard.”

Similarly, the AGMT team looks forward to preparing for official testing early in 2019. The next beta testing is scheduled for mid-January in Cleveland.