AGNORA Installs Digital Printer for Oversized Glass

Glass Magazine
October 20, 2015

Last month, officials from AGNORA announced the company has installed a ceramic ink digital glass printer for oversized glass. The Dip-Tech AR8000W prints ceramic ink directly on the surface of glass up to 130 inches by 300 inches (3.3m x 7.6m). In the tempering oven the printed image is then fused permanently to the glass. Printed glass can also be laminated and insulated, providing Architects with a wide range of creative and structural design options, according to officials.

Printed glass can save energy, diminish glare and solar heat gain to increase occupant comfort, reduce bird collisions and provide enhanced traction slip resistance. Applications include building entrance canopies, balustrades, stairs and walkways, skylights and building facades, according to officials.