AMS Inc. to Develop Glazier Technician Personnel Certification Program

Glass Magazine
April 17, 2017

Administrative Management Systems Inc. is beginning the task of developing a third-party, personnel certification program for Architectural Glass and Metal Technicians, with the intent of gaining ANSI accreditation in accordance with ISO/IEC 17024.

In February, AMS Inc. was invited to submit a proposal to the Finishing Trades Institute for the development of an AGMT Personnel Certification Program. AMS, Inc. has since been granted approval to begin the first phase of what is estimated in total to be an 18- to 24-month project. The first phase will include defining the competency and practical requirements for an Architectural Glass and Metal Technician with direction and input from committees of industry experts and stakeholders. An open process to identify industry participants for inclusion on the steering committees will begin immediately. 

“The best opportunity for success of the program rests with steering committees and eventually a certification board that evenly represent the three primary stakeholder segments of the industry,” said Ben Beeler, the program’s co-designer and operations manager. “The glazing technician population, glazing contractors, and the user community must work in balanced concert to achieve a program that meets all the industry’s requirements.” “We are looking far and wide for as much assistance with this endeavor as possible,” Beeler added.

A conceptual model for the program will start with personnel certification of basic competencies of the trade and then build on them through additional certification tiers or endorsements. Assessment will likely be a written, as well as a practical “hands-on” exam. This model will be evaluated by a steering committee and the final concept will be developed by a certification board to be formed at a later date.