ASHRAE Withdraws Latest Proposal to Reduce WWR

Glass Magazine
January 24, 2014

The ASHRAE Standing Standard Project Committee 189.1 Workgroup overwhelmingly voted to withdraw a proposal that would reduce the window to wall ratio by 25 percent in the 189.1 standard. On Jan. 21, the workgroup heard arguments from a proponent of the WWR reduction, and from Tom Culp, president of Birch Point Consulting LLC. Culp argued against a reduction in WWR as a representative of several glass and glazing industry associations, and of the industry as a whole.

"I am very appreciative how the entire industry came together including manufacturers, suppliers, fabricators, installers, and designers,” Culp said in an email. “Altogether we had support of 126 individual companies and 13 associations representing probably well over 2500 companies big and small, which is tremendous. This was a big win for us all."

This marks the third time the glass and glazing industry has fought down moves to reduce the WWR at ASHRAE—twice in the 90.1 standard, and once in the 189.1 standard.