Attachments certification, daylighting among topics of discussion during NFRC Virtual Committee Week meeting

NFRC News Now
July 26, 2011

The National Fenestration Rating Council's Virtual Committee Week Meeting drew to a close July 20 when the board of directors approved 10 action items, according to the organization's NFRC News Now blog. For a full list of approved motions, click here.

Attachments Certification

Among the topics of discussion at the July meeting was attachments certification. Results of a recent NFRC straw poll indicated that the majority of survey respondents want to see actual values on the label, with solar heat gain coefficient viewed as the most important information to include. Only about 25 percent said it was important for the label to communicate code compliance.

Read a recent blog from NFRC CEO Jim Benney on the topic.


Also during the virtual meeting, the Daylighting Subcommittee moved ahead with plans to create a rating system. As part of that effort, the subcommittee created an initial scope statement that reads: "To create a rating system for daylighting potential utilizing the existing NFRC VT rating combined with known, bright day incident illuminance values."


NFRC members also reviewed the NFRC 100 Sightline Ballot. In this ballot, the Sightline Tolerance TG seeks to simplify a procedure for rating products with multiple sightline dimension options within a product line.

In part, this ballot will add a new section that allows manufacturers to establish sightline U-factor groups for products with sightline differences due to frame/sash base profile variations.The group leader is the individual product in the group with the highest total product U-factor, according to the NFRC News Now report. Following a motion to implement an editorial change, the motion passed 33-0.

Skylight U-factor ratings

A motion to move the 30-1.NFRC 100 Skylight Appendix A.3 ballot back to the task group was also approved. The proposed new Appendix A.3 addresses an emerging need by specifiers for project-specific skylight U-factor ratings similar to those available for non-standard window sizes. Concern was expressed  that the ballot does not provide the technical methodology for the simulator to perform the simulations at non-standard slopes, however, so it was moved back to the task group for further review.

A complete report of the NFRC's Virtual Committee Week Meeting is available from NFRC News Now.