Bendheim Partners with Langle to Produce Rainscreens

Glass Magazine
December 2, 2014

Bendheim Wall Systems Inc. partnered with Längle Glass GmbH of Austria to introduce decorative glass rainscreen systems. The systems can completely change the look of a building while offering a range of functional benefits for new and retrofit construction, including bird-friendly decorative glass options, according to Bendheim. 

Bendheim’s history of joining forces with design industry leaders continues with the Längle partnership. The new rainscreen systems surpassed the ASTM and AAMA test requirements for water penetration, pressure equalization, air leakage and structural performance.

“These decorative and robust glass rainscreens will enable contractors to provide beautiful interior wall claddings and aesthetically pleasing, highly functional glass facades to preserve and protect buildings,” said Robert Jayson, president of Bendheim.