Furnace Leaks 800 Tons of Molten Glass at PPG's Wichita Falls Plant

Times Record News
January 6, 2014

One of two furnaces at PPG's Wichita Falls, Texas, glass plant leaked 800 tons of molten material into a cement- and brick-lined containment area Thursday, Dec. 19, according to a Times Record News article. PPG called the local fire department to help workers at the plant pour water onto the material to cool the flow, according to the article. The line was in the process of being drained for a planned cold repair when the leak occurred, Charles Hanley, director of operations for PPG's flat glass strategic business unit, said in a statement.

The Dec. 19 leak was the second leak within three days. No injuries occurred in either incident, and remaining operations were not affected, nor was the repair schedule, according to Hanley.

The second production furnace will continue to operate during the maintenance of the first, and shift schedules will remain the same.

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