Glass and metal suppliers announce price increases

Glass Magazine
June 7, 2011

Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope, Vitro Architectural Products and Tubelite have all announced price increases. All increases will take effect in late June, according to letters sent to customers.

Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope

In response to flat glass manufacturer price increases, Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope announced a price increase of its own. In a May 31 letter to customers obtained by Glass Magazine, COO Jim Avanzini states: "We received notice from our flat glass manufacturers that pricing on all glass products will increase 8-10 percent, effective June 23, 2011. The increase announcements cite increasing raw material and operating costs, in addition to continued challenging economic conditions despite aggressive cost-control measures.

"In response to this increase and cost increases in many other areas of our business, we will increase our selling price effective June 23, 2011, as follows:

  • Clear float products, including patterned glass        10 percent
  • All tinted products                                                              8 percent
  • All coated products                                                            8 percent
  • All fabrication charges (holes, edgework, etc.)          10 percent"

Vitro Architectural Products

In a June 6 letter to customers, Vitro Architectural Products, Memphis, announced price increases will go into effect June 27, 2011.

"Our float glass suppliers have informed us of price increases effective during the latter part of June. The manufacturers state this increase is due to their higher costs of raw materials and energy," reads the letter from Charles Witherington, vice president and general manager.

Price increases will be as follows:

  • All clear float products, including pattern glass: 10 percent
  • All tinted float products: 8 percent
  • All coated products: 8 percent
  • Low-iron, acid-etched and all other specialty glass, excluding FireLite: 8 percent
  • All glass fabrication charges: 10 percent

Energy surcharge costs will continue to be addressed separately, according to the letter.


In a June 3 letter to customers, Tubelite, Walker, Mich., announced it will implement a 9 percent price increase for all price book sections, effective June 27, 2011. The company's product offering includes architectural aluminum entrances, storefronts, mid-rise curtainwalls and operable windows. 

Update: Wholesale Glass Distributors, Memphis, also announced that it will increase prices, effective June 27, 2011, as follows:

  • All clear glass products will increase 10 percent
  • All tinted products will increase 8 percent
  • All coated products will increase 8 percent