Glass + Mirror Craft to Deliver Architectural Systems Protected By Diamon-Fusion

Glass Magazine
April 15, 2019

Glass + Mirror Craft partnered with Diamon-Fusion International to offer Diamon-Fusion protective coating as a value add to the company’s engineered architectural systems as well as its other glass products.

Glass + Mirror Craft plans to apply Diamon-Fusion to glass entrances, glass guard rails, glass canopies, structural glass walls, structural insulated glass, colored and textured glass systems and more.

“Glass built for function that looks as brilliant as the day it was installed—that’s the premise we are after and the promise we want to give our customers,” says Andrew Russo, vice president of Glass + Mirror Craft. “Too often we see beautiful glass projects compromised by everyday wear and tear from water stains, environmental elements and human interaction. Diamon-Fusion is a protective coating that prevents these containments from sticking to the glass so they can easily be washed away. We are excited to be partnering with DFI on this new initiative.”

By chemically bonding to the silica in glass, Diamon-Fusion transforms ordinary glass into a high-performing hydrophobic surface proven to keep glass looking cleaner, longer, say company officials.