Guardian Glass Releases Broad Art Museum Project Video

Glass Magazine
October 3, 2016
Photo by Paul Warchol
Broad Education Wing photo by Jason Meyers

Guardian Industries Corp. recently introduced a video profiling the Guardian SunGuard glass application at the iconic Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum at Michigan State University. One of the first Zaha Hadid-designed buildings in America, the museum shows off its stunning profile in the video, “A Work of Art,” which highlights the benefits of Guardian SunGuard glass, the global team that took part in the project and the impact the museum has on the MSU community.  

“The complexity of the triple-glazed glass makeup, size of units and number of parties involved made this a unique project,” explains Leigh Anne Mays, National Architectural Services Manager, Guardian Glass North America.  

“The glass in this museum is some of the largest glass that has been installed in the United States,” Leisa Williams-Swedberg, Perfomance Manager, Michigan State University Infrastructure Planning and Facilities - Planning Design & Construction, explains in the video. 

High performance, low-E SunGuard High Selective SuperNeutral 70/41 on ExtraClear glass was manufactured at Guardian’s Luxembourg plant, fabricated by BGT Bischoff Glastechnik AG and installed by Gartner and Calvin and Co. Integrated Design Solutions was also part of the project design team.  

There are four glass lites, with two argon-filled spaces and a warm-edge spacer system. The SunGuard low-E coating allows natural light to penetrate while reducing solar heat gain and improving thermal performance. A silkscreen dot pattern on the glass helps to minimize glare and improves the visitor experience. ​

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