Guardian Glass Releases Details About Millbury Plant Closing

Glass Magazine
October 3, 2019

News broke earlier this week that Guardian Glass would be closing the company's Millbury, Ohio, fabrication plant in November. 

“This decision comes after a review by Guardian to look at its business activities and understand the long-term competitiveness and viability of the location within the company,” said Amy Hennes, director of global communications, Guardian Glass in a statement. 

Hennes also affirmed the company's commitment to the vacuum insulated glass market segment, a product manufactured at the Millbury location. “Through this pilot facility, we have proven that we can deliver quality VIG units to our customers and that VIG can and will be a viable customer solution in the future,” she said. “Guardian Glass remains enthusiastic and dedicated to developing the right value proposition for vacuum insulating glass, and the technology required to deliver it. We look forward to supplying the refrigeration segment in the future and helping the architectural and building construction community increase the window-to-wall ratio, while elevating energy efficiency.”

According to reporting in the Toledo Blade, the Millbury Plant will close in late November. The plant has 100 employees.