H.B. Fuller Promotes Top Products at GlassBuild America

Glass Magazine
September 9, 2019

H.B. Fuller will exhibit at GlassBuild America 2019. With the addition of Kӧmmerling, the company has a complete line of primary and secondary sealants, backbedding and glazing products, as well as reactive thermoplastic warm edge spacer, to ensure quality, long-lasting windows, say officials.

Below is a preview of the products and innovations H.B. Fuller will be promoting at GlassBuild America:

Ködispace 4SG Reactive Thermoplastic Warm Edge Spacer
Ködispace 4SG reactive thermoplastic warm edge spacer offers unlimited insulating glass unit shapes and design, excellent thermal performance, and maximum gas tightness. As a permanently flexible spacer, its high elasticity and chemical bonding result in better mechanical performance during environmental changes. During expansion and compression cycling of the 4SG unit, stress is extended over the full spacer width and not concentrated only on the edges. This improves gas tightness and energy efficiency.

Isomelt M Robotic-Grade, Non-Stringing Insulating Glass Hot Melt
Isomelt M hot melt has extremely low MVTR, excellent gas retention, and the highest heat resistance of our hot melt butyl product line. Its non-stringing properties make it ideal for use on robotic applicators, say officials. Isomelt M can be used as conventional secondary sealant with traditional spacer systems.