National Glass Products Partners with DFI to Coat Shower Glass

Glass Magazine
June 28, 2019

Diamon-Fusion International partnered with National Glass Products, a glass fabricator in Englewood, Colorado. The fabricator will offer Diamon-Fusion low maintenance coating as a standard feature on its line of shower doors. DFI is also excited to announce that the company will be applying the coating to both sides of the glass – providing twice the coverage at no cost to all to shower door customers, made possible with DFI’s automated machine, the FuseCube.

The Diamon-Fusion coating is machine-applied by NGP, ensuring uniform coverage on all sides of the glass. And different than other protective coatings, Diamon-Fusion is fused onto the glass through a chemical vapor deposition process for superior stain resistance and comes with a lifetime warranty.

“We really want to support our customers in a very bold way – one that backs up our claim of delivering innovative, reliable shower glass,” says David Lehman, president of NG. “Diamon-Fusion can transform our glass into a high-performing hydrophobic surface proven not only to be a cost-effective solution for preserving glass, but also a proven way to keep glass looking cleaner for longer.”

Now applied through a machine-driven process, National Glass Products will be including Diamon-Fusion on both sides of its shower glass models as a standard feature.