From NGA’s Department of Advocacy & Technical Services: Call to Action on NFSI Petition

Glass Magazine
June 14, 2018

On June 6, 2018, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) published in the Federal Register a notice inviting the public to submit comments on a petition filed by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI). While glass is not specifically mentioned in the NFSI petition and CPSC notice, it may be of interest to the National Glass Association laminated glass and tempered laminated glass fabricators and suppliers engaged in glass floors and stair treads.

The NFSI petition requests CPSC to initiate a proposed rulemaking proceeding to mandate uniform labeling requirements for floors and floor coverings. The label would have to indicate a floor’s coefficient of friction and a degree of loss of traction or slip resistance based upon a prescribed test method. The label format and content would be based upon an existing ANSI standard for labels, ANSI B101.5-2014, and the test method for an ANSI test for measuring coefficient of friction or traction, ANSI/NFSI B101.3-2012. This petition claims to remedy the deficiencies found in a similar rulemaking from NFSI in late 2016 which CPSC rejected. Readers can review a copy of the CPSC notice and the NFSI petition. In brief:

  • The NFSI petition expresses concern about the elderly slipping and falling on floor surfaces when those surfaces become wet, especially in nursing home settings or in homes of the elderly.  
  • NFSI believes that a uniform, easy-to-read and -understand label informing the purchaser of the slippage potential of the floor would provide sufficient information and warning to decrease slip-and-fall injuries.  

The CPSC notice does not indicate whether it intends to publish a notice of proposed rulemaking, nor what the proposed rule might require. It merely solicits public comment on the NFSI petition and asks the public to address this question: Is NFSI’s proposed test method for determining the “wet dynamic coefficient of friction … accurate and repeatable on all hard surfaces that would be subject to the proposed labeling.” That test method is ANSI/NFSI B101.3-2012.

ACTION: If your company is a National Glass Association member and a producer, supplier, or installer of glass for installation in floors or stair treads click here to be kept informed on this proceeding. Please describe your company’s concern about conducting or the outcome of the wet dynamic coefficient of friction test, its accuracy or repeatability.  

Based upon NGA member response, NGA will consider filing written comments to the CPSC. Comments must be submitted to the CPSC on or before Aug. 6, 2018.