NGA and IGMA Issue Scoping Survey on Processed Glass EPDs

Glass Magazine
May 24, 2019

The National Glass Association and the Insulating Glass Manufacturer's Alliance, in coordination with thinkstep, are issuing a joint scoping survey about processed glass Environmental Product Declaration, or EPDs. The goal of the survey is to identify specific data needs from each participating manufacturer for developing a proposal. This relates to the overall project goal of creating industry-wide EPDs for processed glass. Learn more about the project methodology

All survey responses will be kept strictly confidential and will only be received and collated by staff. To strictly protect confidentiality, only the aggregated results of the survey will be shown to the full membership. Our dialogue will continue at Fall Conference regarding strategic options to consider for our industry relative to material transparency issues. For more information about processed glass EPDs, view the March 2019 Thirsty Thursday webinar.

Complete the survey here.