The NSG Group and Solaria Collaborate to Manufacture BIPV Solutions

Glass Magazine
September 12, 2016

NSG Group and Solaria announced a collaboration agreement to manufacture and produce Building Integrated Photovoltaic solutions. NSG Group chose to collaborate with Solaria due to the company’s robust BIPV technology and manufacturing processes that combine attractive aesthetics, compelling economics, high energy efficiency and design flexibility, according to the company release.

NSG Group is extending its product line of high efficiency architectural glass solutions into BIPV, incorporating Solaria’s PowerView technologies as part of an OEM relationship.
Establishing a BIPV supply chain signifies that BIPV is commercially ready for mainstream adaptation. The next level will see BIPV being integrated into IGU and glass products for building facades.

The first Pilkington branded glass products powered-by-Solaria include architectural glass with unified vision, effective daylighting, glare control, improved thermal performance and energy generation.

NSG Group will launch the first products in Europe with plans to expand markets to include the Middle East and beyond.