PHOTO GALLERY: Glass Takeover at AIA 2019

By Bethany Stough, Glass Magazine
June 11, 2019

The American Institute of Architects hosted the 2019 Architecture Expo in Las Vegas, June 6-7. More than 450 exhibitors, including over 50 from the glass and glazing industry, presented products, solutions and educational sessions to architect attendees at the show. 

The National Glass Association exhibited during the event, presenting resources and expertise for architects' questions on glass and glazing. During the show, the NGA debuted its Glass & Glazing Design Academy, made available to architects and industry professionals through a new partnership with Architectural Record. The academy features nine one-hour LU/HSW accredited courses, developed by NGA and its member volunteers. The courses cover a range of topics including insulating glass, laminated glass, protective glazing, fire-rated glazing, decorative glass and more.

"This new academy, and partnership with Architectural Record as a whole, speaks to NGA's commitment to upholding our education and advocacy strategic goals," says Andrew Haring, vice president of business development for NGA. "Educating the architectural community and simplifying the specification process is paramount. The Glass and Glazing Design Academy accomplishes this."

In addition to the Academy launch, NGA staff were on hand to answer questions in real time. Architects stopped by to ask questions about everything from codes to protective glazing to shower enclosures and more. Throughout the event, NGA continued to promote the use of glass and partnerships with glass industry companies, offering its "mixtape" of technical resources, curated for architects and spreading its "I Love Glass" sunglasses.

To further its commitment to promoting glass as the building material of choice, NGA staff also met with architects in its booth during the Expo to get their perspective on working with glazing products and the industry. Here's what they had to say:

"I want to see where the connection is between glass and other building materials, how they can work together to better control daylighting and building functionality," says Chris Lamberth, principal, tvsdesign. "Where can glazing connect with other materials—membrane technologies, acrylic—to get the best result? The industry should adovate for glass education to make those connections. Meet people, make calls, put the information out there."

"We can have glass-clad buildings, but they have to be designed intelligently. We can increase the look of glazing, while still meeting building codes and performance, but we have to use glass strategically," says Dom Cristofaro, senior associate, Gensler. "Design is a Venn Diagram of performance and energy codes, daylighting and comfort and aesthetics. Where the three meet is the sweet spot. Building orientation, views, use of daylighting—great designers know how to combine these, how to balance daylight and performance.” 

The goal for NGA staff during the AIA Expo was to spread intrigue and excitement around glass throughout the show week. See some ways staff accomplished this below. For more, check us out on Twitter.