PPG Launches Redesigned GlassNET Site for Ordering and Tracking

Glass Magazine
August 11, 2014

PPG Industries’ flat glass business has launched GlassNET, a fully redesigned and updated version of its online order entry, inventory review and shipment tracking system for clear, tinted and coated PPG glass products.

Within the GlassNET website from PPG Industries, orders can be created for both inventory and non-inventory products. Customers can customize an inventory search of PPG products with filtering by PPG manufacturing location, as well as by categories such as inventory type, customer part number, process, color, coating, thickness or size, according to company officials. 

Customers using PPG Industries’  GlassNET site may customize a non-inventory search with filtering by process, color, coating, thickness, size, package type, number of packs/racks or customer part number. Inventory specials also will be presented for GlassNET users, enabling them to purchase PPG glass products in excess inventory at discounted prices.

Site users can create a shipment and request a delivery date. Once that order is shipped, customers can track a shipment through search parameters such as the PPG works number, product specifications and specific PPG or customer order numbers, as shown here. Customers can view and print packing lists for their orders.

The site also enables customers to print shipment packing lists or view detailed order information, as shown here, to check against deliveries made to their sites.

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