PPG, Pleotint to co-market window with thermochromic technology and low-E glass

Business Wire / MarketWatch
September 19, 2011

PPG, Pleotint to Co-Market Environmentally Adaptive Glazing Technology with Low-E Glass

PPG Industries and Pleotint, LLC, have agreed to jointly market a commercial window glass system that combines Pleotint's Sunlight Responsive Thermochromic interlayer technology with PPG's Solarban low-E glass and other glasses, according to a Sept. 19 BusinessWire release.

Pleotint's patented technology is a lightly tinted thermochromic interlayer that warms up and darkens in direct sunlight, but clears in indirect sunlight to allow light to pass into a building. Laminated between two lites of glass, SRT interlayer may be used monolithically or within an insulating glass unit. Visible light transmittance for windows with SRT interlayer adjusts through the day without the need for wiring, power supplies or controls, according to the release.

When the SRT interlayer is combined in a window system with Solarban glass, these adaptive windows can dramatically reduce the amount of energy required to cool buildings, accordingt o company officials.

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