TriStar to Fabricate and Distribute RavenWindow

Glass Magazine
October 28, 2013

RavenBrick announced that TriStar Glass will fabricate and distribute its RavenWindow technology in the Southwest region.

RavenBrick is currently building its automated manufacturing line in Denver, capable of producing 400,000 square feet of RavenWindow filters per month. Product will start to become available in the first quarter of 2014, according to a release.

"As energy codes become more stringent, energy costs continue to escalate and current technologies reach their technical limits, there is no question that dynamic glass products will be in vogue," said Greg Oehlers, architectural sales manager at Tristar Glass, in a release. "Thermochromic is the clear choice from a return on investment and performance standpoint. This is why TriStar Glass Products has decided to team with Ravenbrick relative to this product line."