SDC Promotes Shane Geringer to CEO/President

Glass Magazine
December 3, 2018

Security Door Controls promoted Shane Geringer to chief executive officer. He is the third generation of his family to assume this role at SDC. His father, Dave Geringer, will assume the role of chairman and continues to lead the R&D team as well as supervising manufacturing operations with a focus on process improvement, technology adoption and workforce training.

Shane Geringer began working in production at SDC in 1988, and learned about the hardware and security business by advancing through a series of positions from sales engineer, to vice president of sales, to his current responsibility as CEO and president.

"It's been an incredible journey so far, and I look forward to the future," says Geringer. "Imagine how blessed I am to have learned the business from the ground up under the tutelage of my grandfather Art, and my father Dave. They instilled in me a work ethic, pride and responsibility not only to our family and employees, but to all our customers and stakeholders who have partnered with and supported us since our founding in 1972."

Over the last few years, Geringer has accomplished a comprehensive re-organization of many SDC departments including customer and tech support, product design and marketing through team-building and strategic investments in people, assets and tools. 

"The work we've undertaken is our way of preparing for the incredible opportunities we see on the horizon in our key markets and for how technology has changed the game," says Geringer. "We're committed to realizing our potential while keeping the essential core and culture that made us successful in the first place."