Solar Innovations announces completion of Florida impact testing on two new skylights

Solar Innovations Inc., Myerstown, Pa., announces the completion of Florida impact testing on two skylight options.

Tested to Wind Load 4-Missile Level D, Solar Innovations' curb mounted "pyramid" skylight is certified to a design pressure of ±65mph. The tested product was a straight eave, double pitch, hip end skylight measuring 147.75 inches in length, 99.25 inches in width, and has a 57.5 inches ridge height. This structure is also approved in six different styles including four-sided pyramid; single slope lean-to; octagon; straight eave, hip end; single slope; straight eave, double hip end; and straight eave, double pitch. This unit was glazed with a 1 inch glass makeup of one lite of 3/16 inch tempered over two lites of 1/8 inch annealed with a .090 SGP interlayer, the glass also incorporates stainless steel spacer technology. This product is certified for a <.01 cfm/ft2 air infiltration rating as well as a 12.0psf water infiltration rating with no leakage, according to a June 5 PRWeb release.

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