Technical, Advocacy and Education Activities Move Forward at Annual Conference

Glass Magazine
May 7, 2018

More than 120 representatives from leading glass fabricators, manufacturers, industry suppliers and more gathered in Napa, California, April 23-26 for the Annual Conference of the now- combined National Glass Association and Glass Association of North America. The NGA and GANA officially merged on Feb. 1.

During the conference, the active volunteer force of the association continued its work on technical, advocacy and educational activities affecting every industry segment. Some updates from the various association groups that met in Napa:

Flat glass manufacturing

During the Flat Glass Manufacturing Division meeting, attendees took a deep dive into California’s AB 262 legislation. Representatives from California’s General Services Administration attended the public session to provide insight and address questions related to the implementation of the bill and what it means for the glass industry. View the bill.

Additionally, the division announced publication of two updated Glass Information Bulletins, or GIBs: The Physical and Mechanical Properties of Typical Soda Lime Float Glass and LEED Recycled Content for Glass. Division members are also finalizing revisions to its existing Coated Glass American Institute of Architects continuing education presentation. Once finalized, a new edition of the presentation will be submitted to the American Institute of Architects.


The Energy Division discussed the potential for an industry-wide environmental product declaration for fabricated glass. The EPD is an essential element in performing a life cycle assessment on a product.

The meeting also featured a detailed presentation from energy code consultant Tom Culp, owner of Birch Point Consulting. Culp provided updates about the various codes and standards activities that could affect the industry. He noted that the next round of code and standard development is about to begin at ASHRAE, IECC, Green Codes and Energy Star.

Finally, the division launched a new webpage serving as a library of resources on the subject of human wellness through daylighting. Visit it here.

Insulating glass

The Insulating Division announced a new AIA presentation on multi-cavity glazing in insulating glass units will be ready for submission in the coming weeks. National Glass Association members can look for the new offering online soon.

In addition, resources on reflective solar energy and unsupported edges of IGUs are nearing completion. A new task group is also beginning to explore design considerations when dealing with unique IGUs, such as vacuum insulating glass, jumbo and point-supported IGUs.

Laminated glass

The Laminating Division announced its Emergency Egress GIB has been published since the last conference, and the Hurricane Product Substitution GIB will be next. In addition, the new edition of the Laminated Glazing Reference Manual is on track to be published by the end of this year. Activities involving compression of interlayers testing, as well as laminated glass deflection calculations are in process.

Protective glazing

The Protective Glazing Council will soon publish an updated edition of its Blast Mitigating Glazing GIB. It is also updating the existing Protective Glazing 101 AIA presentation, in particular to include design consideration for electronic threats to buildings.

The Government Affairs Task Group continued planning on the first Security Window Design Workshop, to be held in conjunction with the established Window Design Training Course facilitated by Protection Engineering Consultants. This event will take place Aug. 14-16 in Vienna, Virginia. Register here

Fire-rated glazing

The agenda at the Fire-Rated Glazing Council meeting included a fire-rated glazing AIA presentation and a GIB on Fire-rated Glazing Changes in the International Building Codes. Meeting attendees noted that the GIB should be updated on a regular schedule to mirror the IBC code change schedule—every three years. Both initiatives will undergo a review among members.

Decorative glass

The Decorative Division published a new GIB on Understanding Reflective Distortion in Mirror Installations. Division members also took an opportunity to outline the group’s priorities for the remainder of the year, which will include the topics of trends in decorative glass paints, defining an acceptable color variance, and how to view decorative glass products in interior and exterior applications.

Tempered glass

The Tempering Division announced progress regarding two of its manuals that have been under review the past three years. The Engineering Standards Manual subcommittee has completed its update of the in-demand Section 11 tables. This is a significant achievement bringing the manual closer to publication in late 2018, according to association officials. The group is also nearing publication of the Heavy Glass Door Design Guide. In addition, the division is developing resources on point-supported glass design and thermal stress in spandrel applications.