Viracon and RJ Aluminum Launch Joint Marketing Initiative

Glass Magazine
January 9, 2017

Viracon Inc. and RJ Aluminum launched a strategic marketing initiative. The initiative is defined as the mutual agreement to serve as a referral partner and work together to promote and integrate the other’s products and services. The agreement enables both companies to leverage the expertise of the other while further positioning their own leadership in glazing services.

RJA specializes in the fabrication of storefront and curtain wall systems and is an industry leader when it comes to shop glazing carrier frame systems, with years of experience with both structural silicone glazing as well as VHB structural glazing tape. RJA capabilities include all carrier frame cutting and assembly, as well as sequencing the glass for installation to save valuable time in the field for their glass and glazing customers.

“Through this joint marketing initiative with RJ Aluminum, Viracon is able to offer our glazing customers further peace of mind and ease of doing business when they require tape and channel solutions," according to Viracon officials. "RJ Aluminum is a known and proven source of high-quality solutions and customer service, and that is a perfect combination to add to our portfolio of offerings. This agreement to refer our customers to the other organization will be of highest benefit to our mutual customers, providing the customer with a creditable supplier from glass fabrication through the shop glazing of carrier frames.”

This referral arrangement provides an exit plan for Viracon to eliminate its internal tape and channel fabrication.

“We are excited to enter this relationship with Viracon to provide a single source solution to glazing contractors in need of a carrier frame extrusion, shop glazed to glass fabricated by the industry leader," Dave Ramey, RJA co-owner says. "Both organizations agree that we can confidently refer our customers to the other because of our mutual commitment to quality of products and services.”