Vitro and Guardian Glass Certify Tempco

Glass Magazine
August 13, 2018

Vitro Architectural Glass and Guardian Glass both issued certifications for Tempco Glass Fabrication.

“We are very pleased to be certified by our glass suppliers,” says Johnson Chen, general manager for Tempco. “We have installed the latest high-tech equipment to fabricate our glass products and ensured our technicians and supervisors are well-trained in proper procedures and techniques.”

Tempco is certified as a Vitro Authorized Supplier, which authorizes Tempco to provide Vitro Architectural Glass Solarban 60 low-emissivity coated glass in its products. Vitro conducted an initial on-site inspection and audit of Tempco’s processing techniques and product quality to award the Authorized Supplier certification, and periodically conducts follow up inspections. In addition, Tempco has initiated its application for further advanced glass certifications with Vitro to enable it to broaden its portfolio of certified offerings.

Tempco is also certified as a Guardian Glass SunGuard Select Fabricator, which authorizes Tempco to provide Guardian SuperNeutral glass. Through a certification process including an on-site audit, Tempco demonstrated its ability to consistently fabricate quality coated products to SunGuard Select stringent standards. The certification is renewable annually.