Headlight restoration system

GlasWeld, Bend, Ore., introduced the Gclear Headlight Restoration System. The system features an OEM coating and UV curing process that restores headlights to their original clarity quickly and easily, according to a release. The proprietary UV coating was developed with a respected automotive OEM supplier, and when used with GlasWeld's frequency-tuned UV curing lamp, provides a hard, durable, long-lasting finish that exceeds OEM standards, the supplier states.

The Gclear Headlight Restoration System features a three-step restoration process: clean, coat and cure. The first step is to completely remove the oxidized coating from the headlamp to clean and prepare the surface. The second step is applying the aerosol OEM UV coating with a sweeping motion across the headlight. The third step is to cure the headlight with the frequency-tuned UV curing lamp.

The system is available in a variety of configurations and price ranges depending on equipment needs. Users can purchase it as a manual preparation kit or as a complete professional grade system with orbital sander and UV curing lamp. Technicians who already have their own equipment may purchase just the proprietary UV coating and UV curing lamp components. System options range from $395 to $995 and include online and DVD training.

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